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Sofie H.

Blogger, Journalist, Taste-maker

Din is a popular choice on business and tech sites. It’s also a good font for creating page titles with impact.

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Our affiliated (sister) groups are Sophie Skelton's Sophisticats and Outlander Episode After Party.
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We are a multi-level fan group that has it's roots in Outlander.  When we first became aware that Richard Rankin had been cast for the role of Roger Wakefield (MacKenzie), we started Roger Mac's - The Bodhran Facebook group.  After digging deeper into who the actor was (as he was virtually unknown to us at the time), and watching his work in other productions, we popped the clutch, switched gears, and went full-blown Rankin.  We are the Rank Reckoneers!
We are also here to support the fans, as each and every one of you has a voice to contribute to the chorus that we want to be heard.  Say it with us, "Richard Rankin"!
We support fan art.  If the contributing Reckoneers see artwork in our Twitter feed, and it strikes a chord, we retweet it (and we may very well share it here if you would like to submit it for a contributing credit).  We don’t see everything, but the ones that catch our attention get an acknowledgement.  In fact, our Funny Pages is dedicated to the meme.  We believe, it’s actually an art form.  It’s the graffiti of the internet, and in some cases it's been done extremely well.  Humor keeps the bad things at bay.
I, personally, am blown away, on almost a daily basis, by the talent in our fandom. From the people who draw, paint, edit, craft and write, we get an absolutely fabulous, sensory, fandom experience.  I applaud the artisans.
~ Kt Thomas, Captain of the Rank Reckoneers

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